Our Mission  - Literacy North Halton, which operates as the Adult Learning Centre, is a community based organization providing individualized and group tutoring for adults. We encourage community support and promote literacy awareness.

We continue to provide adults with local opportunities to improve their reading, writing, basic math, and computer and digital literacy skills for employment, further education, and increased independence in daily life.

We offer a variety of part-time Literacy and Basic Skills programs for adults aged 19+ who require upgrading in reading, writing, basic math and/or basic computer skills for employment. In partnership with Sheridan College, we also offer an academic upgrading program (ACE – Academic and Career Entrance). Adults wishing to pursue college entrance or an apprenticeship can earn grade 12 equivalency in English, Math, and Science. In addition, GED (Secondary School Equivalency) test preparation is also available.

Why is adult literacy so important?

We often think of literacy as only the ability to read and write with ease. In reality, the modern definition of literacy is much broader. Reading, writing, and numeracy are part of a larger set of essential skills that we use every day at work, at home, and in the community. Literacy includes computer and digital technology skills, oral communication, and more. It involves understanding and being able to use the information required in today’s society in order to achieve your goals, reach your potential and navigate more easily in daily life and at work.


In 1986 a group of citizens in Halton Hills recognized the need for a service to help adults improve their reading, writing and basic math skills. By 1987, Literacy North Halton began providing one-on-one tutoring for English speaking adults. Volunteers from the community were trained and matched with students to work in a non-academic, sympathetic environment and help students overcome the barriers of low literacy skills.

In 2010, after 24 years of community service, LNH changed its operating name to the Adult Learning Centre. This change reflects a history of continuously expanding programming that now includes essential skills workplace computer training, and academic upgrading for college entrance and apprenticeship.

LNH continues to make a difference in our students’ lives at work, at school, at home, and in their community.